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Some of our I Believe in Me! girls are sharing with us some of their great ideas, and talents! If you would like to submit a video just send it to [email protected]!

Katie Parker CEO, Owner, Co-Creator

Katie is the President/CEO of Bloomfully, LLC and has a passion for building the confidence of young girls, tweens and women. Her mission is to help them grow above the comparing, the criticism, and the self-doubt that are plaguing girls. She honestly believes EVERY girl and EVERY woman is remarkable unique and needed in this world. Katie is married to Matt Parker of Album Surfboards and they live in Orange County, CA with their six children. In the Summer they surf and in the Winter they snowboard. Family and faith are at her core and the blooming businesses are an extension of that foundation. She is the creator of Singers Company, I Believe in Me, Bloomfully and Tavi’s Fairy Festival. She received her BA degree in Communications/Public Relations from Brigham Young University. As she watches the world become ever more complex to navigate for girls, she longs to create programs that help them stay grounded/rooted yet willing and able to bloom wherever they may be in the world. After participating in a Bloomfully program she wants women and girls to feel happy and excited about life and empowered to create! She hopes Bloomfully will help girls believe in their gifts, encourage them to grow and motivate them to share with the world. The world needs strong minds, and strong hearts in strong girls.

Becky Fife Owner, Co-Creator

Meet Becky Fife, a true powerhouse in motherhood and women's empowerment. As a mother to seven children, Becky has not only navigated the challenges of motherhood but has used her voice to inspire and support others. Through her own experience, she has developed effective systems and strategies to organize her life and create space to serve those around her, while still raising a large family. Becky's commitment to empowering women and girls is reflected in her numerous accomplishments. In 2015, she was honored as Nevada's Mother of the Year and has since dedicated herself to strengthening mothers across America. With four daughters of her own, Becky is passionate about helping young girls develop confidence early on, so they can overcome negative influences in the world. To this end, she has founded two companies, "I Believe in Me" and "Bloomfully," which focus on building up women of all ages. Becky's educational background in exercise physiology, coupled with over 20 years of experience as a fitness trainer and coach, has equipped her with the tools to help women achieve their goals. She is also a talented performer, having worked as a professional dancer, choreographer, and director for productions and musicals, as well as being a former BYU cheerleader. Together with her brother, BJ Fogg, creator and author of "Tiny Habits," Becky continues to help others establish habits and routines that promote self-confidence and happiness. Her motto, "Strong Minds. Strong Hearts. Strong Girls.," is a testament to her unwavering dedication to empowering women and girls everywhere. Becky is a true inspiration, a successful entrepreneur, and a dedicated mother and mentor, committed to helping women of all ages achieve their full potential.

Allie Callister Owner, Co-Creator

Allie is a co creator and content developer for IBIM.

She graduated from BYU in Marriage, Family, and Human Development, and has volunteered for many years teaching young girls the importance of faith, family, and wholesome values. Allie has run a successful beauty and eyelash extension business for the last 10yrs and is passionate about helping women of all ages look and feel confident.

She is the mother of 4 blonde hair, blue eyed little cuties. (Nope, not one of them got her olive complexion, dark eyes or dark hair). Her highest priority and joy is being there for her little ones, helping them become the best version of themselves.

Allie is fun, confident and happy in every sense of the word. She is extremely active & will join a dance party anytime, anywhere. Her favorite place is in the sun, preferably next to the beach, lake or pool. Above all, she loves being with her family and friends.

Emelie Halliday Owner, Co-Creator

As a wife and mother of five daughters, Emelie knows a little something about GIRLS! Graduated from University of Utah in Health Promotion and Education, Emelie’s passion is in promoting a positive and healthy environment for not only her family but for everyone around her! As a “chef-in-training”, party planner, creator of home and planter of trees – Emelie loves making everything around her beautiful and memorable! “It’s the little things that matter!” She enjoys travel and constantly brings home flavors and ingredients from all over the world! For Emelie, being a part of Bloomfully gives her the opportunity to bring all things she loves together to share with others!

Joni Hayes Healthy Habits: Exercise and Nutrition

Joni Hayes is a Texan girl! Married to her sweetheart, and momma to 6 incredible kids, she lives a full & fun life! She has been a Singers Company Director for 8 special years and plans to continue directing for many more. She is a Singers Company girl through and through! Having seen the {magic} of girls sharing their voices for good, she is thrilled to be a part of the newest program ‘I Believe In Me’. Joni enjoys being with her family, playing games, cooking, singing, reading, watching movies, and teaching High Fitness. She also loves learning ways to help her family live their best life! She is excited to share Healthy Habits with the beautiful girls in the ‘I Believe In Me’ program and watch them bloom.

Leslie Horn Fashion and Media

Leslie Horn is a mom of three and a fashion stylist in Texas. She has always loved putting together outfits that show personality and capture each person's unique style! Her favorite outfit? A dress, some sandals and a chic hat! She spent several years as a style blogger, and now in addition to her work as a stylist, she works with companies and organizations to improve their social media presence. Leslie also loves trees, books, music and taking walks!

Brittani Ritchey Beauty: Hair

Brittani is licensed and has been practicing cosmetology for over ten years. She is passionate in bringing out the natural beauty each girl and woman have. She feels strongly about providing the right appropriate and safe beauty and hair techniques for middle-school girls. She feels true beauty is found within and having your hair and make-up be a reflection of that is a fun new chapter in these girls' lives.

Jan Allen Beauty: Hair and Skincare

Jan is an esthetician as well as a cosmetologist. She has a passion for helping people to feel beautiful in their own skin! She is the mom of four amazing kids. She loves thunderstorms, naps, and homemade bread fresh out of the oven.

Jessica Bloomfield UX / UI Designer

Jess is the designer behind the website! Her design background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, an Associates of Applied Science degree in Interior Design, and many entrepreneurial endevours. As a native Californian, she has a love for warm weather and the ocean. You can find her reading self-help or women empowerment books, traveling, spending time with her favorite people, or staying up way too late! If you have any questions or want to chat design, she’s your girl!

Rylie Halliday Operations and Finance

Rylie is the Operations and Finance expert for the Bloomfully Team.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Utah and is currently pursuing her Certified Financial Planner certification through Boston University.  Work has taken her from Main Street in Disneyland to her now Private Wealth Management role at Crewe Advisors in Salt Lake City.  Rylie’s passion is in helping girls know they are capable of anything and everything they set their mind to and are willing to work for!  In her free time, she like to plan parties, practice yoga, travel and read the Harvard Business Review.

Judith Ojukwu Behavior and Social Skills

Judith Ojukwu has a unique spin on building friendships. This Hawaii born mom, now D.C transplant, loves to explore new places and loves adventure. Judith is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a specialty of working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders. She has worked in the field for 20 years, teaching effective social skills techniques, identifying tools of how to be a good friend and learning different coping strategies when things get really hard. She is passionate about building confidence in young adults and tapping into methods of empowerment all along the way!

Holland Doezie Marketing Specialist

Holland is a senior in the Marketing program at BYU and is excited to share her marketing strategies to promote IBIM and empower young girls. With a minor in Family Studies and Nonprofit Management, she hopes to find ways to reach others and watch them grow! Having faced her own challenges as a tween, teen, and now young adult, she is passionate about mental health and is always looking for opportunities to share insight and encourage others on their own paths to confidence. Holland radiates positivity and joy, always wearing a bright smile with a Diet Coke in hand ;) Her happy place is somewhere near the water, sitting in the sun with a good book nearby! She believes happiness begins with the little things & that every day can instantly be made better with some gold jewelry and a fresh vase of flowers on the table. As a little girl, Holland loved growing up dancing and singing in Katie’s garage, where Singers Company first began. She can’t wait to be a part of that same team to help cultivate these positive experiences for girls of all ages with I Believe In Me!

Sabina Dollar Women's Health Expert

Sabina Dollar’s passion for the female experience stems from years of reproductive struggle. Somewhere along that journey she and her husband were able to have 2 healthy sons, who share her exuberance and sensitivity for life. She has a (nearly finished) degree in Business Management, 12 years of entrepreneurial experience in the beauty/health industry and is a self-proclaimed “relationship-bridge-builder” in her personal and professional spaces. She also, inexplicably, doesn’t care for chocolate.

Sarah Burke Floral Designer

Sarah Burke is a wife and mother to 4 children. 3 boys and one girl. Her family is her first love and playing with flowers is her next. Sarah has loved arranging and creating with flowers since she was a little girl. She has been making dance and wedding flowers for 16 years for friends and family and in 2021 decided to officially open as a true business. She named her business “Rosie’s Posies Floral Design” to honor her sweet mom, Rosan, who passed away when she was only 7 years old. When she’s not busy attending her kids sporting events or creating floral arrangements. Sarah loves to shop, go to lunch with friends, travel, camp, laugh and have fun! She’s always up for an adventure, especially when her family is with her! She loves to serve other people and bring a smile to their faces, or comfort to their hearts through her floral arrangements and is excited to be a contributor at “I Believe in Me.” Sarah hopes to pass on some tips and tricks of floral design to young women who one day may want to follow in her footsteps and become a florist too! If nothing else, she hopes to inspire them to believe in themselves and the talents they have so that they know they too, can be brave and do hard things, like starting a business, at any age!

Heidi Terry Vision and Mission

As soon as Heidi heard about the “I Believe in Me” program, She KNEW she had to be a part of it. She taught a year of in-person “I Believe Me” class and had a blast! She is so excited to be a part of this amazing program going online. EVERY GIRL is capable of AMAZING things!!!

Haley Whitworth Your Garden Guide

Haley is your garden guide! She will help you navigate your journey with I Believe in Me! She has been there done that when it comes to Middle School! :). Haley just graduated High School and is off to TCU to study Fashion Merchandising.

Madison Brown Hair Stylist

Madison Brown is a lover of all things beauty! She is a licensed cosmetologist and master medical esthetician that is passionate about teaching others to love and enhance their natural beauty. She loves her family and friends and enjoys being active outdoors and keeping busy with her hobbies! She loves people and making them feel the most confident about who they are and the way they look!

Angie Hyde Happy Holidays

Y’all she is a Texan girl, most likely found outside running and singing out loud! She has been married twenty-seven years to her best friend and love of her life & blessed with six beautiful kids! Angie loves the blessing of every day and celebrating each day with adding her touch of magic! The magic felt in experiencing running for years and finish lines, the love of cooking, organizing a place for every little thing, earning her Nursing Degree, certified Optavia Health Coach, former Singers Company Director and the most fun...a certified mother! Being a mother and having a home is where her heart is and where true magic begins as we create fun and feelings ....especially for every season.

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