About Us!

The mission of I Believe in Me is to provide real tools and habits that strengthen confidence in tween girls! We do this through garden imagery of working, growing and sharing! When girls understand who they are and what they have to offer - they not only become stronger - they strengthen everyone around them! We believe this is the foundation of a happy middle school life. Strong Minds. Strong hearts. Strong Girls.



At I Believe In Me, we teach that every girl, young or old, has specific talents and gifts that make her unique and beautiful to the world. “There is only one YOU. And YOU can make a difference!” The story of how I Believe in Me grew into what it is today is an example of this!  These 4 amazing women, all with different talents and gifts, found that they shared a love for helping girls find their voice and grow in confidence. Concerned about what the world’s influence was doing to a girl’s self-esteem, Katie, Becky, Allie and Emelie knew they could make a difference. Katie had already established a foundation of strengthening girls, when she created Singers Company back in 1992, and it was time to do more. Together with Becky, Allie and Emelie they have pledged to be a source of support and encouragement for girls of all ages. With Katie’s vision and direction, Becky’s creative sparkle, Allie’s “CAN DO” sunshine attitude, and Emelie’s ability to bring beauty to everything she touches, these women are magic! I Believe in Me has grown to over 300 girls in its pilot season! We are now launching to the entire country in 2022 and couldn’t be more excited!  Together – Katie, Becky, Allie and Em are here to help girls understand that they are AMAZING, and with their strong minds and strong hearts, they can learn and grow and lift those around them, making this world a better place and growing in confidence at the same time! Let's grow, girls!

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