About Us

The mission of I Believe in Me is to inspire and equip 11-12 year old girls with unique life tools to be happy and confident in middle school.

As a young girl begins a new, exciting journey from childhood through her tween years, there are many wonderful possibilities before her! Your friends at Singers Company have introduced a new, happy, healthy, and age-appropriate program for your daughter: I Believe in Me®!

Guidance and encouragement will be available in many areas including friendship, school, goals/dreams, social media, beauty, hair, discovering/pursuing talents, creating healthy habits, fashion and so much more! This adventure will help each girl create and establish her own "garden" of life experiences and accomplishments . . . what "flowers" does she want to plant? . . . and what "weeds" does she need to keep out?

I Believe in Me teaches, encourages and cheers each girl on as she establishes HER path, HER garden, and HER beautiful unique and amazing contribution to this wonderful world!

I’m awesome,

you’re awesome!

We can all be awesome

at the same time!

Strong Minds. Strong Hearts. Strong Girls.