Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of I Believe in Me is to help girls grow and gain confidence! In our weekly episodes, we want each girl to feel energized, excited and ready to work hard in her garden of life! We hope she tries new things, and finds the courage to be herself! We want her to feel beautiful, confident in who she is, and STRONG. We hope that each girl will see she does not need to compare herself to anyone else. The world needs her to share her voice, her strength, and her gifts!

Our program has weekly online episodes that teach a main principle of the I Believe in Me curriculum called "Planting the Seeds" (10-20 min). There are also fun activities and additional videos called “BLOOM Videos” where girls can learn all about hair, makeup, cooking, and other interests. We also have interactive parts of the program where the girls can message in to the team to ask for advice or guidance on certain topics, as well as a monthly interactive Zoom party, “How’s it Growing”, where all the members get to talk and share with Becky, Katie, Allie and Emelie.

Girls can log in as often as they would like, but we would recommend a weekly log in. Every member will have her own homepage or dashboard where she will access the videos. Episodes are designed to be watched one week at a time, with additional BLOOM videos available to them. If a girl has not been able to watch an episode, it will sit there waiting for her to watch when she is ready. If she hasn’t logged in for 3 weeks, she has 3 episodes waiting for her to watch at any time! ** Just be sure to watch the episode ALL THE WAY TO THE END, so the next video can be unlocked. We do not want girls spending hours on the site. We want them to get ideas, be inspired and then GO AND WORK in their gardens of life and DISCOVER what ideas and methods work for them and help them reach their "FULL BLOOM" potential!

Yes! At I Believe in Me we love celebrating life and celebrating the holidays! We have special Holiday Episodes that will run live for all members during 2 weeks of the specific holiday. These festive episodes provide ideas, and “how to” activities for that certain time of year! We celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day and Summer Time!

Although created for middle school age (10-13 yrs) the concepts and tools we teach apply to all girls, even moms! We welcome anyone that wants to grow their garden of life! But we encourage girls to wait until 10 years old to start the program, as the topics we teach are designed for girls who are in a stage of “growing up” and need that little boost of confidence.

Our program is built on traditional values that will help your daughter feel confident and happy in who she already is. We do not include political opinions or social views found in the media today. One reason I Believe in Me was started, was to be a safe resource for young girls to use to help them think and grow for themselves.

In addition to the main online adventure, the option to add a Sunshine Box is available! This package comes in the mail each month and includes an uplifting message along with fun items that will help girls find joy in life! (Example: garden kit, crafts, cooking tools, stationary/art, fashion items, all customized for Bloomfully Girls!)

Yes! You may change your subscription option at any time in the "My Account" section of the side-bar menu, or you can submit a request through the "Contact Us" section on the main site.

Yes, they can both participate together, but we recommend they each have their own garden since it is individually tracked by their participation. Each girl will have her own dashboard where they move at their own pace and choose which videos to unlock and watch. Once certain episodes are viewed, other videos are opened and the program records the position of that individual member. Also, one starter kit is sent for each subscriber.

Sure! If you would like to, then yes! Of course! But…you do not need to do the program with your daughter in order for her to gain the most out of it. Our program is geared towards her age, and it is easy to understand and implement. But, of course, we welcome any parent involvement and encourage it! It is important for any parent to know what is being taught to their children, so they can reinforce ideas and habits. A simple way to be involved is to just ask what they learned this week? Or what did they like? You are also welcome to watch the videos, and so forth, we just hope the daughter will feel like this is her journey, and her garden.

No. You can end your subscription at any time. However, the full adventure is 12 months. Certain topics/habits are established and introduced early and in strategic order and the fun progresses as each girl continues to grow over the full 12 months. Accounts are automatically billed monthly and will automatically stop billing after 12 months. You will have the option to continue/repeat the course for continued encouragement as the topics will be the same but some new content will be available.

No, you do not need to purchase anything in addition to the membership to enjoy the program. We do have a Bloomfully Store where other fun products will be available to purchase. These items will include apparel, pens, water bottles, additional journals, stickers, towels and other fun items. Skincare and BLOOM BEAUTY coming soon! But these items are not required for the program.

If you are having trouble getting your next video to unlock, be sure to watch your current video all the way to the end of the episode. (Even down to the last second :) This should allow for your next episode to unlock. You can also try logging in again to your dashboard. Also, if it is Holiday Time, no new videos will be unlocked, as every member will experience the Holiday episodes together in real time. If this does not work, we will help you! Please contact us through the email provided under Contact Us.